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ZARC Registry Migration (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - .ZA Domain Registry

  • 01/07/2023 08:31 - 01/07/2023 21:43
  • Last Updated 01/07/2023 08:33

Please note that the ZA Registry is migrating to a new platform today, 1 July 2023.

The migration will affect all domain management tools related to .ZA domains.

Unfortunately we have no ETA on when the migration will be completed.

Bankserv - Duplicate Billing (Resolved) High
  • 02/05/2023 10:15 - 05/05/2023 11:37
  • Last Updated 02/05/2023 10:21

We received reports from a few clients regarding double-authorisation on some card transactions.

This appears to be linked to a severe delay in card authorisation and settlements by bankserv over the long weekend.

Please note that although you may see a double-authorisation, you have only been debited once.  The second authorisation will be cancelled by your bank in a day or two, depending on the bank you transact with.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Domain Reseller System (Resolved) High

Affecting System - Domain Reseller

  • 20/08/2022 03:35 - 20/08/2022 06:05
  • Last Updated 20/08/2022 04:39

Our Domain Reseller System is currently unavailable.

Domain names can still be registered and managed via our website.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Intermittent Connectivity: Johannesburg Data Centre (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 25/05/2022 07:35
  • Last Updated 25/05/2022 16:06

Customers may experience no or slow response times when accessing hosting services hosted in the affected data centre.

Data Centre Engineers are attending to the issue.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Multiple Servers

  • 05/03/2022 05:00 - 06/03/2022 15:04
  • Last Updated 06/03/2022 15:04

Emergency Maintenance is currently underway on the following servers on our network:

Connectivity Issue (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Network

  • 30/07/2021 08:00 - 30/07/2021 13:30
  • Last Updated 30/07/2021 13:31

Our Data Center is currently reporting a networking issue that is affecting a number of our servers.

Engineers are looking into this issue at this time.

Telephone Help Desk Unavailable (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Telephone

  • 17/06/2020 09:34 - 17/06/2020 11:26
  • Last Updated 17/06/2020 09:36

We are currently experiencing an issue affecting our telephone help desk.

Upstream provider is investigating at this time.

Slow or Intermittent Connectivity: Johannesburg Data Centre (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Network

  • 08/04/2020 15:00 - 08/04/2020 15:33
  • Last Updated 08/04/2020 15:25

Engineers are currently investigating an issue at the Johannesburg Data Centre. Clients may experience intermittent connectivity.

Data Center Power Failure (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Power

  • 03/12/2019 12:10 - 03/12/2019 12:55
  • Last Updated 03/12/2019 17:18

We received a report of multiple servers being unreachable.

Network Engineers investigated the issue and determined that multiple rows in the Data Center experience a power failure.

Affected servers have been booted up.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Database Failure (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - MariaDB Servers

  • 06/11/2019 02:03 - 06/11/2019 21:31
  • Last Updated 06/11/2019 21:31

MariaDB published an update on November 5th, 2019 that can cause MariaDB to fail upon startup on cPanel & WHM servers. We've identified this as an upstream issue with MariaDB (MDEV-19073) affecting the following MariaDB versions:


MariaDB is aware of the issue and working to solve it.

The only known workaround at this time is to perform a downgrade of the MariaDB RPM packages.

Our server administrators are still busy performing the downgrades on the affected servers.

We'll update this post with more information on the status of MariaDB case MDEV-19073 as it becomes available.

*Update: We've found that MariaDB has removed all affected versions from their repository - At this time we are waiting for MariaDB to push a new stable build to their repositories.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 28/09/2019 06:02 - 28/09/2019 08:00
  • Last Updated 28/09/2019 11:04

Cause: Failed Drive

Due to emergency server maintenance websites and email hosted on the affected server will be inaccessible.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Multiple servers in the Johannesburg Data Centre

  • 28/05/2019 04:26 - 28/05/2019 10:34
  • Last Updated 28/05/2019 06:23

A power outage on some of the rows in the Johannesburg Data Centre.

Websites and email hosted on the affected servers will be inaccessible during the maintenance window.

Update: All colocation server power feeds has been restored
Power has been restored and affected servers are booting up

Network Connectivity Issue (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Network

  • 25/04/2018 11:30 - 25/04/2018 17:31
  • Last Updated 25/04/2018 18:09

Customers may experience no or slow response times when accessing hosting services hosted in the affected data centre.

Data Centre Engineers are attending to the issue.

Unfortunately, we have no ETA at this time.


Network Connectivity issue at Gallo Manor DC has been resolved.

Thank you for your patience while we attended to this issue.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server -

  • 16/06/2017 06:19 - 17/06/2017 10:15
  • Last Updated 21/04/2018 21:32

Customers are unable to access services hosted on the affected server at this time.

Server Admins and Software Vendor is currently attending to the issue.

ZA Central Registry Connectivity Issue (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Registry

  • 06/03/2018 12:08 - 07/03/2018 21:30
  • Last Updated 21/04/2018 21:30

We are currently seeing a connectivity issue with the ZA Central Registry.

Issue has been reported to the ZACR and waiting for feedback.

Connectivity issue (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 21/04/2017 11:51 - 22/04/2017 13:46
  • Last Updated 02/05/2017 13:47

We are currently experiencing a connectivity issue on one of our production servers.

Technicians are currently attending to the issue.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server -

  • 08/03/2017 09:20 - 08/03/2017 13:44
  • Last Updated 23/03/2017 08:45

Our data center technicians are currently attending to an issue affect

Updates to follow.

Data center technicians replaced a faulty hard drive in the RAID Array.

We are still monitoring on our side.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

DNS Cluster (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - DNS

  • 24/12/2016 10:10 - 25/12/2016 10:12
  • Last Updated 24/12/2016 10:11

We are currently investigating an issue affecting our Global DNS Cluster.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Emergency Maintenance (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Server -

  • 31/08/2016 16:42 - 31/08/2016 18:38
  • Last Updated 31/08/2016 16:44

Data Center will be replacing a 80mm fan that is faulty.

Server Maintenance (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server -

  • 22/07/2016 22:00 - 22/07/2016 23:58
  • Last Updated 23/07/2016 07:58

Maintenance description:

Motherboard upgrade, RAM upgrade, Software RAID will be replaced with Hardware RAID and battery backup. A 3TB  drive will be added outside the RAID for JetBackup.

ZACR (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Registry

  • 27/05/2016 09:53 - 27/05/2016 12:50
  • Last Updated 27/05/2016 09:54

We received reports that the ZA Central Registry is currently experiencing an outage.

Administrative functions related to .ZA domains are affected.

Please stand by for more updates.

DDOS - Network connectivity (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Network

  • 02/05/2016 17:40 - 03/05/2016 11:30
  • Last Updated 03/05/2016 07:05

Intermittent connectivity may be experienced on our network at this time.

Engineers are attending to a reported DDos attack at this time.

DC Engineers are still monitoring packet loss as a result of the DDos attack.

MTN Gallo Manor Data Centre (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Network

  • 11/04/2016 13:31 - 11/04/2016 14:07
  • Last Updated 11/04/2016 14:07

We have received reports of a network outage at the MTN Gallo Manor Data Centre.

Cloud Servers and Freemail Servers are affected at this time.

Network Technicians are on-site and attending.

We do apologise for the inconvenience.


Network issue at Gallo Manor has been resolved at this time.

Incoming DDoS attack (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 15/02/2016 08:16 - 17/02/2016 08:46
  • Last Updated 18/02/2016 17:47

Our system administrators are currently attending to an incoming distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

Update: 15 February 2016
Our administrators are still in the process of blocking IP ranges belonging to the origin of the DDoS attack.

Update: 15 February 2016
DDoS attack has been mitigated.

Update: at 02h00 on 16 February 2016
This issue has resurfaced.  At this time our upstream provider is looking to block traffic to the server.

Update: 20h00 on 16 February 2016
Affected hosting accounts are being migrated to alternative VLAN.

Administrators are still monitoring.

Seacom undersea cable fault (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Upstream provider cable fault

  • 21/01/2016 17:42 - 21/01/2016 18:35
  • Last Updated 22/01/2016 08:35

Upstream provider Seacom is currently investigating an issue affecting its undersea cable network.

Updates on this issue will be posted as soon as we receive more information.

Unresponsive server (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 21/09/2015 08:10 - 06/01/2016 10:51
  • Last Updated 21/09/2015 08:26

A server admin has been dispatched to attend to unresponsive server.

Data Centre Connectivity (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Reseller Cluster

  • 21/08/2014 08:20 - 21/08/2014 12:35
  • Last Updated 21/08/2014 09:02

Our data center is currently investigating a connectivity issue affecting our reseller cluster.

At this time we do not yet know the cause of the issue but technicians are on-site investigating.

We will provide an update as soon as the cause has been determined and a resolution is in place.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

PSU Swop (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other -

  • 11/08/2014 18:30 - 11/08/2014 18:46
  • Last Updated 11/08/2014 14:29

Data center technicians will perform an emergency PSU swop on at 18h30 on 11 August 2014.

The downtime is expected to be around 20 minutes.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Data Centre Connectivity (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Other - Data Centre Connectivity

  • 27/07/2014 07:59 - 27/07/2014 10:23
  • Last Updated 27/07/2014 09:03

Our administrators reported connectivity issues at the IS Bryanston Data Centre early this morning. Our primary and secondary hosted DNS servers are affected in that facility. DNS has been cut-over to and main.nameserver4 at this time.  Client's DNS will still work but DNS Management will be affected. We sincerely apologise for any convenience caused.

Unreachable Server: (Resolved) High

Affecting Server -

  • 22/05/2014 21:30 - 22/05/2014 21:58
  • Last Updated 22/05/2014 21:35

Customers may experience an issue accessing websites and email hosted on

Data center engineer has been dispatched and looking at a possibe rack PSU issue.

Server Cabinet PSU (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Hardware

  • 13/03/2014 00:01 - 13/03/2014 01:53
  • Last Updated 13/03/2014 13:01

According to reports from our data centre a server cabinet hosting 3 of our production servers had a PSU failure that caused the power duct supplying that cabinet with power to trip.

Technicians were called out and proceeded to replace the faulty PSU and restored power to the cabinet.