POPI Statement

Please note that all information collected and/or stored by Register Domain SA is given freely by the client and is done so for the specific purpose as agreed to between the client and Register Domain SA. By signing and agreeing hereto, the client consents to the use, collection, storage and processing of its personal data. All efforts will be taken by Register Domain SA to ensure that all personal information collected and/or stored will be in strict compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”) and Register Domain SA’s Privacy Policy.
By signing and agreeing to the terms of this agreement, the client agrees to receiving further and applicable marketing material from time to time, and should the client no longer want to receive said further and applicable material, the client is entitled to instruct Register Domain SA to opt-out accordingly, as well as destroy any personal and identifiable data held and/or under the control of Register Domain SA

Register Domain SA ensures that all personal data collected, processed and stored is done in strict compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”) and Register Domain SA’s Privacy Policy.

Data Protection Clause

1.1)     Register Domain SA collects, stores, and processes Personal Information provided by the client, which includes but is not limited to: names, identity numbers, contact information and banking details. Register Domain SA uses the aforementioned information within the scope for which the information was collected and within the legitimate purpose of offering its business-related services and/or is necessary for the purposes relating to the operation and performance of this Agreement.

1.2)     Register Domain SA may make use of or process the client’s Personal Information for, inter alia the following purposes:

1.2.1 Providing the client with the Services in terms of this Agreement;
1.2.2 In responding to public authorities, court orders and legal investigations, as applicable

1.3)     Register Domain SA may share the client’s personal information with its employees, directors, agents and third parties, including the Regulator, as required by law, to whom the sharing and/or disclosure of such Personal Information is reasonably necessary for the performance of the obligations and rendering the Services in terms of this Agreement.

1.4)     Register Domain SA will keep Personal Information for as long as necessary to fulfil its obligations in accordance with this Agreement or as necessary to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements.

1.5)     The client has the right to:

1.5.1 Request access to and rectification or destruction of any personal information held by Register Domain SA;
1.5.2 Request any restriction of the personal information;
1.5.3 Object to the processing or further processing of its personal information;
1.5.4 Receive the personal information provided to Register Domain SA and transmit such data to another party; and/or
1.5.5 To lodge a complaint with the Regulator or directly to Register Domain SA.

1.6)     The Parties to this Agreement explicitly agree to adhere to all laws and regulations relating to privacy when administering, using and/or maintaining any personal information.

1.7)     The client shall provide personal information which use is for the sole purpose of this Agreement and in order to render the Services. Furthermore, any personal information may not be recycled and/or reconstructed by Register Domain SA unless required by law and/or with the prior written consent of Register Domain SA.