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Server-side we perform a data backup that run once a week on a random day, only the latest backup is retained and is removed periodically.

*Our backup service is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed. Customers are responsible for making their own backups of web content and emails. Clients must make their own backups for extra security.

Users can perform their own full account backups as follows:
1.) Login into your Control Panel
2.) Scroll to the “Files” section and select “Backup”

3.) Choose the option “Download a Full Account Backup”

4.) Under “Generate a Full Backup” specify the following
i.) Backup Destination -> Home Directory
ii.) Email Address -> A preferred email address for you to be notified of the completion of the backup

5.) Now select “Generate Backup”

6.) Navigate back to your cPanel’s dashboard

7.) Under the “Files” section, select “File Manager”

8.) In your home directory, you will find the backup
i.) Left-click on your backup and select “Download”

9.) Important: Store locally in a secure and safe location


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