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The following examples are the leading cause of mailbox compromisations:

1.) Using the same password for a few months
2.) A poor choice of password (e.g. password123)
3.) Using the same password for multiple websites or email accounts.
4.) Clicking on 3rd party links prompting for password updates
5.) A desktop virus or malware

Q: How often should I change the password?

That will depend on your company’s policies and procedures, best practice would be every 90 days. We will prompt you to reset your password within cPanel every 180 days.

Q: How can I update my email password?

Please note that you should only access your dedicated cPanel when updating the password, kindly refrain from accessing password update request from 3rd party links.

1.) Log into your cPanel account
2.) Scroll down to the Email section
3.) Click on email accounts
4.) Click Manage and update.

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