Setting up DNS Management

NB!  Your domain must be active in "My Account" on our website in order for you to set up DNS Management.

Please follow the steps below to have your DNS Management service active in a few minutes:

  1. Log into My Account at
  2. Once logged into My Account click on DNS Manager

    Click on DNS Manager
  3. You now need to create a DNS Zone on the server so that you can manage your DNS records.  Click on "Add New Zone"

    Click on Add Zone
  4. In the field called "Add DNS Zone", enter your domain name without www. e.g  If you are pointing your domain to your own server you can enter your server' IP in the IP field.  Alternatively enter our default IP:

    Enter domain name and IP
  5. Once the zone has been created you will see the following confirmation

    Zone creation confirmation
  6. You can now click on "Edit" to access the DNS records for your domain

    Edit DNS Zone
  7. You wil see an editable DNS Zone for your domain

    Edit DNS Zone
  8. The last and final step is to make sure that your domain's name are pointing to our redundant DNS network.  Your domain's name servers must point to:

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