The difference between POP and IMAP

Our servers allow you to make use of either POP or IMAP for connecting to the mail server.

What is the difference?

With POP your email will be downloaded from our servers and a copy of the mail will be stored on your computer only, you can however tell your mail client (like Outlook) to keep the mail on the server for e.g 7 days.  This option is usually chosen if you do not want your hosting account to run out of disk space in the near future.  If you have a relatively small hosting plan like a Free Mailbox, Basic or Standard Hosting Plan you should consider using this option.

If you would like us to keep a copy of all your mail at any time select IMAP.  Your mail will be kept on our servers for as long as you host with us.  The downside is that your hosting account will fill up rather quickly as the mail is never removed from our servers.  If you have a larger Hosting Solution like Pro or Premier this type of connection will be fine.

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