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How to transfer domain to someone else.

Website domain transfer for or TLDs.

You can transfer your existing website domain to us at any time. Domain transfers take 1 - 5 days to complete. Please remember to notify your current provider of the transfer.

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How to transfer a domain name to another hosting company?

To transfer a domain name to another hosting company you have to initiate the process from the new provider's website. An EEP code is needed for TLDs like .COM

How to transfer domain ownership?

Once your domain name is active on the system, use Domain Management Tools to update the WHOIS details of the domain and replace it with the correct owner's details.

What does transferring a domain mean?

Transferring a domain means that you change the Registrar that is responsible for managing your domain name via different Registries. Choose a Registrar that accredited and reputable.