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Paid E-mail Hosting vs Free E-mail Providers

Free Email Hosting

Why Investing in Professional Services Matters

Business emails, in contrast to free personal email clients like, incorporate the company’s custom domain name in the address, such There are several reasons why organisations of all sizes need professional email, including increased reputation and safety.

There are a variety of reasons why firms cannot function without business email hosting. Having a distinct corporate email address has many benefits, including increased professionalism, ease of use, brand recognition, and security. Email should be treated as a professional medium. Having a business email account also allows for additional integrations, email names (such as, and a more streamlined operation. Below we compare features of paid and free email hosting.

Paid Versus Free E-mail Hosting

Safer and Secure

Since businesses use IT protocols to prevent frauds that can put their employees’ and customers’ data at danger, free email accounts are less secure and ultimately more hackable than corporate email accounts.

Increasing your company’s level of security has multiple benefits for its image. Customers are less willing to give you sensitive information like names, addresses, and credit card numbers if you have a history of data breaches, much alone if it happens frequently. If their personal information is taken due to a breach in the security of your company’s email, they will likely never do business with you again.

The most reliable corporate email services will provide you with additional layers of protection to keep your inboxes safe. Users of professional hosting services also benefit from the most advanced spam and malware filtering technology available today.

Promotes Consumer Confidence and Professionalism

Customers are more likely to do business with you if you use a professional email address, which is why having one is so important. Personal  and free emails sent in response to client inquiries may go unread and unanswered since the recipient may not feel compelled to take time out of their busy workday to do so.

Not utilising a business email when communicating with a customer might be off-putting and cause the client to lose faith in the company.

In business, your reputation is crucial, and sending and receiving business emails will help you look more professional. Professionalism and trustworthiness are essential qualities to uphold while communicating via email with business partners, clients, or customers.


There are a few ways in which business email accounts increase uniformity inside your company. For starters, it’s good for business since customers appreciate it when companies utilise their own domain names for their email addresses.

In addition, having everyone on the team use the same domain in their email addresses promotes uniformity. If everyone in your group uses the same naming convention for their emails, this can streamline your interactions with one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go with a professional account or use Gmail?

When using Gmail there is a chance of permanently losing essential company information. Not only is it unprofessional, but utilising a Gmail account could damage your reputation with clients. Safe, secure, and brand-consistent email as is provided by professional business hosting services is the foundation of any professional organisation.

Having a business email address is a must, so why pay for it?

If you’re concerned about your email’s safety, you may want to consider upgrading to a subscription service (like Microsoft Outlook from Microsoft 365). Users of this service also benefit from the most advanced spam and malware filtering technology available today.

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